Identiq Partners With Spec to deliver unparalleled identity validation

Identiq Partners With Spec to deliver unparalleled identity validation

We are excited to share that Identiq and Spec, a leading cybersecurity firm, have partnered together to offer our identity validation solution as part of Spec’s suite of fraud prevention solutions. Now, Identiq’s peer-to-peer private network will be integrated into Spec’s customer journey security platform, enabling businesses to quickly deploy Identiq’s solution to begin to enhance risk-based decision-making and improve customer experiences instantly.

Bringing Identiq’s identity validation solution to a broader audience

Identiq enables companies to collaborate together and identify reliable users who already trust one another while flagging unknown and risky customers. Collaboration is the core of our approach, and naturally, by partnering with Spec, more companies can collaborate and approve more users. 

With Spec, customers can now seamlessly incorporate Identiq's network of over 3 billion identities into their existing tech stack. As fraud prevention experts are well aware, adopting new solutions often requires a significant investment of resources. However, with Spec, all fraud prevention measures are integrated at once, eliminating the need for individual installations of each solution. No code is required to deploy the end-to-end solution, which inspects and secures the entire customer journey from risk.

Leveraging trust and enhancing user experiences

Spec and Identiq prioritize smooth customer experiences within fraud prevention solutions. Both work in real-time, enabling continuous and secure threat monitoring without interrupting user experiences with friction. Identiq's network provides identity validation at every step, from sign-up to checkout. The network utilizes first-party data from some of the world's largest companies to verify whether a user is real and trusted at these stages. With this knowledge, businesses can:

  • Make more accurate risk-based decisions.
  • Approve more accounts and transactions while reducing risk and liability.
  • Improve customer experiences while increasing efficiency and ROI

Empowering collaboration and better decisions

The vast majority of online users are trustworthy and have already been validated by many businesses around the world.  Together, Identiq and Spec allow enterprises to leverage this trust that has already been established and lets users in, providing them with a friction-free experience at any touchpoint in the customer journey.  

Itay Levy, co-founder and CEO of Identiq, expressed his excitement about the partnership. “We are thrilled to partner with Spec and empower more companies to collaborate with each other and make better decisions,” said Levy. “This partnership furthers our mission to identify trusted and valued customers together.”

Nate Kharrl, co-founder and CEO of Spec, emphasized the importance of partnerships in fraud prevention. “Our partners help fulfill the reality of a fully secured customer journey for the companies we protect. We’re excited to be partnering with Identiq to help our customers quickly deploy Identiq to mitigate losses and facilitate expanded business avenues with minimal risk.”

Want to learn more about the partnership? Check out the press release announcing this exciting development in the field of identity validation and fraud prevention.

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