Identiq Named Gold Winner of Renowned Globee Award 

Globee Award

Identiq has been named the Gold Winner of the 2024 Globee Awards for Cybersecurity. Awarded as the best cybersecurity service provider of the year, Globee honors Identiq for displaying unparalleled excellence in safeguarding digital systems and data. This award showcases how Identiq’s private network for identity and trust helps companies increase revenue, fight fraud, and offer better experiences throughout the customer journey.

About the Globee Awards for Cybersecurity

The 2024 Globee Awards acknowledges groundbreaking innovations, exceptional services, and remarkable dedication to protecting the ever-expanding digital realm. They aim to
promote organizations and individuals who have achieved notable success, demonstrated innovation, and positively impacted their fields. Alongside Identiq, winners include IBM, Cisco, and Microsoft.

The Growing Challenge of Fraud

Fraud poses a major obstacle for businesses, and the advent of Generative AI has given fraudsters the means to expand their operations, leaving many companies vulnerable. The Globee Awards have highlighted Identiq’s distinctive approach to tackling this problem, enabling businesses to collaborate in combating fraud by verifying trusted identities within a secure setting.

Identiq’s Unique Approach to Fraud Detection

We believe that collaboration is the only way forward in fraud detection. Identiq’s private network for identity and trust empowers companies to work together to fight fraud in a completely private environment while enabling seamless customer experiences for good customers. We work with some of the world’s largest companies, which comprise our network and can help each other make better and more accurate decisions regarding who to block and offer good experiences.

When our network members see a new customer or user, they query the network and find out if they are known and trusted by other network members – or if they are not. Built on proprietary F.A.I.R. (fully anonymous identity resolution) technology, our network does this without ever sharing any sensitive data.

98% of customers are good; when they are new to one company, they’re already known and trusted by many other companies. The network leverages the trust that has already been established and allows companies to offer friction-free experiences from signup to customers who have already validated themselves thousands of times across the web. However, if something is flagged or someone does stand out as a fraudster, the network has fresh, previously untapped first-party data to understand what doesn’t match up and keep them out.


Identiq- Best Service Provider for Cybersecurity

In a world where the threat of fraud looms more significant than ever, Identiq offers a unique and powerful solution. Our collaborative approach to fraud detection sets us apart, allowing businesses to join forces in the fight against fraudulent activity. As we continue to grow and expand our network, we remain dedicated to providing businesses the tools and resources necessary to combat fraud and protect their digital systems. With the recognition from the prestigious Globee Awards, on the heels of our Edison award, we are more motivated than ever to make a lasting impact on the industry. Together, let’s build a safer, more private digital future.