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Risk-based Onboarding

Reduce Friction and Improve Experiences for Low-Risk Customers

Risk Based Onboarding

Prioritize accurately and reduce KYC costs by identifying the customers who are known and trusted by the network based on peer-to-peer collaboration with some of the world’s largest corporations

Know who to trust and who to block

Enable smooth experiences for low-risk customers

Offer attractive benefits to those who deserve it

Reduce costly KYC processes and fight fraud with fresh first-party data

How it works

Reduce manual reviews and increase revenue

12 Ways to Optimize Your Fraud Investment

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The Guide to Automating Fraud Prevention

Start automating fraud prevention processes with these seven steps to improve efficiency and accuracy

November 30, 2023

Future of fraud

The Future of Fraud Identity: Gen AI

Unveil how the GenAI is used for fraud and gain insights into future predictions of this ever-evolving threat.

February 14, 2024

Couples Therapy - improving marketing collaboration

Couples Therapy: Improving Marketing & Fraud Collaboration

This eBook shares the collective knowledge of dozens of marketing and fraud professionals interviewed to understand how teams can collaborate best together

February 14, 2024

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