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The Only Fully Private and Anonymous Peer-to-Peer Network

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Validate customers’ identities with fresh and live first-party data from other members

Our award winning technology

Identiq’s network is built on proprietary Fully Anonymous Identity Resolution (FAIR) technology using secure Multi-Party Computation to validate identities against other companies’ databases without personal data or identifiable information ever being shared.

Privacy by design:

No consumer PII is ever shared or exposed

No member knows who sent or answered a query

No one knows who was asked about or what the answer was

Validating at any touchpoint across the customer journey

Approve More Transactions Without Increasing Risk

Network members make more accurate decisions during transactions to increase payment approvals, reduce declines and friction, and maintain low fraud rates.

Validate Users at the Gate and Ensure Positive Experiences

Businesses stay safe by validating customers at sign-up. Trustworthy customers are let in with less friction and better experiences, while fraud is left out.

Optimize KYC Processes and Customize Friction in Journeys

Regulated organizations reduce the friction and dropoffs in KYC processes by identifying which customers can be trusted automatically and which cannot, resulting in accurate prioritization and cost reduction.

Create Trusted and Safe Environments for All Users

Online platforms and marketplaces ensure that only good users are allowed in to foster healthy online connections.

The Rules of Our Network


Built on proprietary F.A.I.R. (fully anonymous identity resolution) technology


Every member has been carefully selected and vetted


All companies help each other. To be part of the network, you must help others with your data

Safety and Privacy by Design

SOC Type 2

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