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Ensure positive experiences for the right customers with accurate and global positive identity validation.


Approve legitimate travelers at any touchpoint

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Our award winning technology

Today’s travelers are dynamic and unpredictable. With global, first-party data, you can instantly validate trusted customers and legitimate purchases while keeping risk out.

Leverage Identiq’s network and:

Validate previously inactive, new, or out-of-the-ordinary customers

Identify when step up is unnecessary and reduce friction for good customers

Extent LTV and offer improved loyalty programs

How it works


An inactive or new customer tries to book a fight, hotel, or a vacation


You send a one-time fully anonymized query to network members


Various data points, such as email, credit card number, and IP, are analyzed for matching


A trust score is generated based on the consensus of the network


You know whether a customer is valid, questionable, or has a fraudulent history and can make an accurate decision

Data never leaves your environment and, through Identiq’s patented protocol technology, remains completely private throughout the validation process

With Identiq, you can:

Make accurate decisions despite seasonality and inactivity

Identify legitimate travelers wherever they happen to be

Protect your own and your partners’ businesses

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