Industry Recognition

Make Every Real User A Trusted User

Whole Identities, Not Data Points

Ensure all the elements go together, even sensitive info like payment data.

Positive Identity Verification

Instantly trust users already
trusted by other brands.

Absolute Privacy By Design

Compliant by default. No PII shared. Ever.

How do you validate new users without sharing their data?

When you see a user for the first time, you have no way of knowing if they're a real person or a fraudster using a stolen or fake identity.

To lower the risk of identity fraud, Identiq has created a Peer-to-Peer network that validates new users based on the experience and trust of other network members. This way, the first encounter with a new user is never really the first encounter.

The trust is already there, provided by the direct, providerless consensus of other network members who already know the user well.

In order to do this without sharing any customer data whatsoever, we developed FAIR...

FAIR Technology

Introducing Fully Anonymous Identity Resolution -
A proven cryptographic technology that allows network members to ensure the data they hold matches that of the other members, without ever sharing any data between them, or with us.

No company learns

About the user
Who's asking
Who's verifying
Anything from replying

The power of a truly anonymous peer-to-peer network

What your peers are saying
about collaboration

“We need to collaborate together to make sure that we keep the internet a safe place - working separately in silos just isn't going to be enough. For me that's the appeal of Identiq - it's the Interpol of the internet.”
Aamir Ali,
Lead Product Manager of Trust & Safety at Zoom
“The case study was a profound success. It checked off my boxes, added some boxes, and checked those off too. We now have that powerful and trusted global verification tool that we were looking for."
Julia Zuno,
Director of Fraud at Newegg
“Good customers should be able to use the StubHub marketplace to buy and sell tickets without ever noticing what we're doing behind the scenes. And we can only do that, as long as we know who to trust.”
Justin Friedman,
Head of Trust Operations at StubHub
“When we all join forces together and leverage one another’s knowledge and experience we all could stop criminals at an early stage and verify genuine users with very low friction.”
Ofer Golan,
Head of Risk at Payments by Wix
“Even if you’re in competing companies, the fraud prevention teams aren’t competing. It’s the opposite; we’re all together, against the fraudsters.”
Shawn Colpitts,
Senior Fraud Investigator, Just Eat

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