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A distributed network that uses the latest cryptographic algorithms and  techniques. Fully compliant with all regulatory standards such as
GDPR and CCPA, now and forever.

Positive Identity Verification

Identify good users without having to share any of their data with 3rd party vendors. Create friction-less customer experiences and dramatically reduce online fraud.

All The Dots

A user is more than a phone number or email. Once you can query with anonymity, you can validate any combination of user data points, such as email, device,
personal or payment information.

Introducing F.A.I.R. Technology

Identiq has created a distributed network that enables its members to validate new users, and vouch for ones they already know, without sharing any user information whatsoever.

We call this technology F.A.I.R (Fully Anonymous Identity Resolution)

and no, it's not built on blockchain...


Applications of F.A.I.R. Networks

With the ability to verify multiple data points, and connect them to a specific identity, the network can be used for a range of use cases.

These include:


Identity validation at sign-up

Verify your users' identity at time of sign-up, and protect from stolen or fake identities.

By validating and cross-referencing key account details such as name, email, and phone, and connecting them to session details, website and app owners can ensure that the person signing up for a service is indeed the real and legitimate owner of these details.

For strong identity validation - collect and check more identity fields, such as government issued ID number, date of birth, address, etc.

Verify funding-source ownership

Enable your customers to add new funding sources for immediate use, without the need for lengthy verification processes or random deposits.

Matching bank account or credit card info to known customer details or session data, enables online services to quickly and accurately verify that the user is the right owner of a credit card, or a bank account. Effectively preventing stolen financial, name-to-card and account takeover attacks, while providing customers with quick access to their funds.

Verification may be applied at time of sign-up, funding source setup, or withdrawal.

Password reset protection

Protect your users from account take over through forgot-password flows.

Reset password flows are one of the most common methods by which fraudsters leverage a compromised email account to take over your user's account.

Common methods, using past device information, and SMS verification may not be effective when dealing with old or dormant accounts, leaving your users and your business exposed.

With the Identiq network, you will be able to validate the user against up-to-date device and phone information, allowing her to regain access to her account, without a risk of fraud.

Strong identity validation

Perform strong identity verification using digital assets only, without the need for document based validation to prove her identity, as part of a full CIP or KYC program.

Collect strong identity information and compare it to the data collected by other members in the network. Verify matches across multiple data points to ensure the identification of the user, and collect data from primary, or multiple independent secondary sources, as necessary.

Use additional session data, to verify the ownership of the identity of the person opening the account, on top of validating the existence of the identity.

Trusted shipping address

Allow your buyers to ship items to a new shipping address without the risk of fraud.

Fraudsters will commonly use stolen financials, or take-over accounts to make illegal purchases, shipping the goods to a location they control. This is, however also a common behavior for legitimate users who buy gifts, change jobs, or simply move to a new address.

Using the Identiq network, you will be able to quickly, and seamlessly verify that a newly added address is associated with the account owner, or the payment instrument used in the transaction. Thus allowing your users to ship items where they need to, while reducing the risk of fraud.

Protect your business reputation


Keep fake users out of your system to prevent malicious actors from ruining your reputation.

Knowing who your customers are is not only about financial losses, or financial crime. Your company reputation may be significantly damaged by introducing bad actors into your system. These actors will typically use other identities, to protect themselves from legal action and punishment.

Using the Identiq network, you can trust that your users are real people, with real contact information. This level of verification will protect your brand and service from bad actors, and allow you to build your reputation and consumer trust.

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