A Year of Collaboration: 2023 Recap

A Year of Collaboration: 2023 Recap

As 2023 ends, I am filled with gratitude for Identiq’s accomplishments. This year was marked by our dedication to growth and creating a positive global impact. Identiq empowered enterprises worldwide to work together and validate trusted customers, helping to protect their platforms and deliver safe experiences. The standard for privacy has been set by ensuring user data is never shared, raising the bar for the entire online ecosystem.

We were honored to collaborate with the industry through talks, webinars, panels, eBooks, and more. Insights on GenerativeAI’s capabilities helped businesses prepare for the uptick in fraud, while our interviews with fraud and marketing experts mapped out the way to improve internal collaboration. Conversations with Trust and Safety experts focused on how online platforms can partner and overcome online threats to users and businesses. We published several articles on identity validation, including an op-ed in The Paypers, commenting on Sam Altman’s creation of World ID and our critique of storing data on the blockchain. Most recently, we shared 12 tips on maximizing fraud resources

One highlight over the year was meeting the community face to face in events across the globe, such as Merchant Payment Ecosystem, Merchant Risk Council (MRC) forums, Marketplace Risk summits, NRF Protect, and Merchant Advisory Group’s (MAG)Annual Conference. 

Thank you to the Corporate Vision Excellence Awards for recognizing our commitment to excellence and innovation, and to Sifted for including us in the B2B Rising 100 designation, which acknowledges Identiq as an influential market player. A huge thank you to Marketplace Risk for honoring us with inclusion in the Solution Provider Excellence Program.

As we look to towards 2024, our mission to collaborate and build a safer, more private internet remains unwavering. We’re excited about welcoming new network members who will leverage our private identity validation approach and continue shaping the industry. From ensuring a secure internet to helping companies approve safe users and legitimate transactions, Identiq is dedicated to solving some of the most pressing challenges for marketplaces, eCommerce, and social platforms. I am thankful for our partners, clients, and team. 

With dedication and passion, we’ve made remarkable achievements. Let us continue to flourish in 2024.

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