Our Private Network for Identity and Trust Wins Top Innovation at 2024 Edison Awards™

Our Private Network for Identity and Trust Wins Top Innovation at 2024 Edison Awards™

We are honored winners of the renowned Edison Awards for top innovation in services and solutions. The award recognizes the new standard we’ve set for risk-based decisions where data is never shared. Our private network for identity and trust empowers some of the world’s largest companies to collaborate safely, and the Edison Award exhibits how Identiq helps companies increase revenue, fight fraud, and offer better experiences throughout the customer journey. Read full press release here.

Edison Awards nominations are selected by a steering committee and an executive judging body review, comprised of over 2,000 senior business executives and academics from product development, design, engineering, science, marketing, and education, as well as past winners. Previous prestigious award winners include giants Apple, Moderna, Deloitte, Intel, Honeywell, HP, and 3M.

Fraud is one of the most significant challenges businesses face, and with Generative AI on the rise, fraudsters have the tools to scale, and most companies aren’t prepared. The Edison Awards recognize how Identiq is uniquely positioned to solve this issue by bringing companies together to fight fraud by validating known and trusted identities in a private environment.

“Until now, companies have been unable to collaborate with peers to solve one of today’s most pressing issues: how can we trust that someone is who they say they are?” said Itay Levy, CEO and co-founder of Identiq. “By creating a new standard in privacy with our F.A.I.R. (fully anonymous identity resolution) technology, we break down those barriers by keeping data fully private, while simultaneously ensuring that businesses and customers are safe from fraud and risk.”

This breakthrough approach allows companies to validate transactions and customers' physical and digital identities using first-party data from other network members without compromising personal or sensitive information. By leveraging the collective knowledge of network members, companies know who they can and cannot trust and, therefore, can offer seamless user journeys to good users while keeping the bad ones out. 

We are honored to win this award, marking our achievement in the fraud space as the only solution that positively validates identities through private collaboration. 

If you want to hear more about joining the network, contact us! 

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