Identiq Named Honoree in Marketplace Risk Solution Provider Excellence Program

Identiq Named Honoree in Marketplace Risk Solution Provider Excellence Program

We are thrilled to announce that Identiq has been named an honoree in the Marketplace Risk Solution Provider Excellence Program. This program recognizes solution providers who have contributed significantly to safeguarding businesses, customers, and stakeholders in the ever-evolving landscape of digital risks.

Identiq is proud to be recognized amongst vendors that are impacting the safety of businesses and customers. Awarded for our innovative peer-to-peer technology, Identiq empowers companies to safely collaborate to validate trusted customers–without sharing any sensitive data or identifiable information.

Contact us to learn more about the private network for identity validation

In today’s threat landscape, ensuring that online users are safe and trusted is more important than ever. With Generative AI advancing, differentiating between real, bad, and fake customers is becoming increasingly challenging. However, companies need reliable information about users to vet them, but they also must ensure data privacy. Identiq allows companies to overcome this impossible tradeoff by collaborating in a completely private environment, the Identiq network, where they can validate customers’ identities and physical and digital attributes with fresh and live first-party data from other network members. This is possible because our network data never leaves the member’s environment and, through Identiq’s patented protocol technology, remains completely private throughout the validation process. Network members do not share personal data or sensitive information.

Read how WIX identified a 27% lift in potential revenue from previous declines with Identiq’s private network for identity validation

With numerous major global companies already on board and the network expanding rapidly with each new member, Identiq covers billions of identities worldwide, achieving unprecedented levels of coverage and accuracy. Identiq operates within the fraud, risk, trust and safety, identity, and payments ecosystem across a variety of industries, helping companies make better decisions about users.

The Marketplace Risk Solution Provider Excellence Program is a testament to the critical role of Identiq in ensuring the trust, safety, and security of marketplaces, platforms, and e-commerce companies across industries.

According to Jeremy Gottschalk, Founder of Marketplace Risk, program honorees “have consistently demonstrated their ability to address complex challenges and provide forward-looking solutions that empower businesses to thrive in today's risk-prone environment."

We are honored and humbled by this industry recognition and validation.

To learn more about the private network for identity validation, contact us.

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