Identiq: Continuing the Multi-Award Winning Trend

Identiq continuing the multi award winning trend

Identiq has continued a multi-award winning streak into this season, following on many earlier successes, having been chosen for three prestigious new awards – each one highlighting a different aspect of the Identiq network’s impactful technology and wide-ranging applicability.

The Identiq Team

We are honored by the awards, but more than that it’s inspiring to see such validation and enthusiasm for a product which exists to enable companies to collaborate in order to make the online world a safer, smoother place. When people see that fraud prevention, customer experience and privacy can all be made better by working together – they want to.

At MPE Berlin 2022, Identiq was named the MPE Awards Best Startup Innovation after a rigorous process which included written application, pitching to judges, and voting from an audience of payments and fraud experts.

Best Startup Innovation

The searching and insightful questions from the judges resonated with the audience, who were actively engaged in listening, evaluating and judging for themselves. Identiq’s unique technology, applying a well-known branch of cryptography to the challenge of identity validation for the very first time, was understandably the source of much fascination and it was wonderful to see how excited people became when they realized the potential of providerless technology for this industry.

The same theme is reflected in Identiq being chosen the Most Disruptive Retail Technology in the Retail Systems Awards 2022, but from a different angle. Whereas the MPE Awards judges and audience were intrigued by the impact of Identiq’s innovative network on payments and fraud challenges, the Retail Systems Awards were more focused on the impact on customer experience.


Best disruptive retail technology

Fraud prevention systems and tools typically focus on finding and stopping bad actors, with any effect on customer experience a knock-on effect. For retailers, however, the emphasis is reversed; it’s important to fight fraud in order to reduce loss, but excellent customer experience is not just important but absolutely crucial to success. Identiq’s network is designed first and foremost to positively validate good customers – easy to do, when companies collaborate, since real people can be vouched for by many sites and apps. Those customers then receive an ideal experience straight away, making Identiq’s network a natural fit for retailers looking for partners to help make customer experience online the best that it can be.

Identiq is also proud to have been chosen as the Gold Winner in the 2022 Globee CyberSecurity Global Excellence award, Startup of the Year category. This award highlights yet another aspect of Identiq’s value; that companies can stop giving their users’ personal data away to data brokers. With Identiq, validating identities is more reliable, since the data is fresh, and wholly anonymous; no PII is ever shared with any other company on the network – not even Identiq.


Cyber security global excellence

You can get a sense of the math behind the magic here, but what’s so interesting about this is the way that privacy, usually thought of as a restriction on innovation, actually becomes an enabler for so much – for innovation, for security, for fraud prevention, and for excellent customer experience.

We’re honored and humbled by such thoughtful and powerful industry recognition and validation, expressed through these three awards – and we can’t wait to see what’s next!