Introducing Our New Brand and Logo


We are excited to share today a new visual identity for Identiq. In 2018 we set out with a dream: to positively validate user identities in a completely private network. Throughout the years we have revolutionized fraud and risk management with unique and award-winning technology that allows some of the world’s largest companies to focus on finding the good without compromising user privacy. Our new brand and visual identity will now represent the evolution and advancements of our network, emphasizing our vision of creating a safer, more private internet together. 

Bold Technology Deserves a Bold New Look

We are not like any other fraud solution in the market. We do what no one else does, empowering our network members to collaborate in a way many did not think possible. So we set out to develop a matching brand, one that visually represents our three core principles:


  • Privacy: We are a privacy-first company and the only fully anonymous validation network
  • Collaboration: We believe that collaboration is the best way to determine if someone is who they say they are 
  • Positive Validation: Instead of focusing on bad actors, we highlight the good ones who deserve flawless experiences

Our new logo represents all three. It brings our network members, the beating heart of our network, into our name with bright, vibrant colors linking all the letters. These represent how we all collaborate with live, fresh, first-party data without ever compromising on privacy.

Privacy by Design: Our Award-Winning Technology

The future of digital identity is rooted in privacy, and I am proud to say we are at the forefront of it. Our peer-to-peer network is built on our proprietary F.A.I.R. (Fully Anonymous Identity Resolution) technology using a unique cryptographic technique, refined, tested, and adapted for efficient, real-life applications. This is how companies can validate identities without ever seeing the data of others or exposing their own. 

Setting a new standard for global privacy, Identiq has been recognized for its innovation within the industry with awards such as the Gartner Cool Vendor and, most recently, the Edison Award for Top Innovation. 

When Good People Join Forces, Good Things Happen

Our network enables collaboration between some of the world’s largest companies. Each network member joins with their full and up-to-date knowledge of their users, enabling all members to make precise and accurate risk-based decisions. By working together, we beat the rapidly growing fraud challenges and each company becomes stronger, safer, and able to offer great user experiences to deserving customers. 

Our network has now crossed the mark of covering over five billion validated identities, and continues to grow with every new company that joins.

Emphasizing Positive Validation

While other fraud and risk solution providers are looking for reasons to say No and block potential customers, we highlight the importance of saying Yes to the right people, leading to increased revenue and positive customer experiences. 

Fighting the bad can be an exhausting game of whack-a-mole. A bad actor is found, they then find the next loophole, they are found again, and the cycle goes on and on. However, with Generative AI on the rise, bad actors are now doing this at scale, and many companies are struggling to catch up. 

Our unique approach of positive validation breaks this cycle. When a company must determine if a person is who they say they are, they can ask other network members if they already know and trust them. The dangers of sophisticated fraud attacks are countered and overcome by what has stayed true through the times–the recommendation of others. This is how we fight fraud and safeguard trust together, in real time, and across the globe. 

With this new brand and visual identity, we continue our mission to empower companies to make better decisions by leveraging the collective trust and knowledge other network members have on customer identity, all in a completely private way.

If you would like to learn more about our solutions, or send us a question or comment, contact us! We would love to hear from you.