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How Providerless Technology is Changing The Way We Validate Users Online
How can businesses trust someone they don’t know online? Increasingly, the answer is: Use providerless technology. 8 industry experts explain what that means.
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The First Identiq Member Summit
On March 31 Identiq held the first Identiq Member Summit online. 17 Global Brands Come Together to Fight Fraud and Advance Customer Privacy, Safety and Trust Challenges
May 5, 2020
A Gamer’s Perspective on Fighting Fraud: Why it’s So Hard & Why Deeper Collaboration May Be the Answer
The gaming industry faces fraud challenges as dramatic as anything in a video game. But it has a unique superpower, the overlap of users, and what that can mean for collaboration.
May 4, 2020
7 Articles: How To Protect Your Company From Fraud During the Coronavirus Crisis
The impact of COVID-19 has touched every industry, and fraud prevention is no exception. Fraudsters adapt fast by nature, and have moved to take advantage of the situation.
April 12, 2020


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