Awards and Industry Recognition

It's been an enormously exciting time at Identiq, with awards and industry recognition flowing in from all directions. We're greatly honored and humbled to have such glowing validation.

Most Innovative Company - Fast Company

Fast Company selected Identiq as one of the world’s Most Innovative Companies, a very prestigious award granted to companies who make “an impact on their industries and culture as a whole.”

Customer Choice Award - CNP

In May, we were thrilled when our customers chose Identiq for Best Antifraud Solution in the CNP Awards, a powerful sign of our customers’ enthusiasm for Identiq’s collaborative approach to fighting fraud. 

Cool Vendor - Gartner

The awards, of course, build on the recognition Identiq received last year, when Gartner named the company a Cool Vendor in 2020.

Most Promising Fintech - Citi, Visa, Discount

Identiq was also named a Most Promising Fintech by Citi and Visa in their annual awards highlighting exciting and fresh approaches to fintech challenges. 

Fraud Fighter 2.0 - About Fraud

Most recently, Identiq is delighted to announce that we’re the winner of the About-Fraud Fraud Fighter 2.0 competition! As the name suggests, the contest was focused on companies which have a genuinely new approach to fighting fraud and which “possess unique technology and functionality that address a variety of fraud use cases.”

The competition involved multiple stages of both written answers and interview questions, as the independent judges engaged in an in-depth analysis of companies’ solutions, technologies, and business models. All of the judges had considerable experience and expertise in fraud prevention, from a variety of fields including ecommerce, fintech and banking. 

It’s incredible to see such amazing industry recognition and validation for Identiq, coming from so many different expert sources, and fantastic to see the momentum building as companies and industry experts alike start to realize the huge potential of our unique form of collaboration

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