CNP Awards: Customers Choose Identiq for "Best Antifraud Solution"

Identiq is proud to announce that we've been chosen by the CNP audience as the startup with the Best Antifraud Solution in the prestigious CNP Awards. Having been recently named one of the world's Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company, and Most Promising Fintech by Citi and Visa, it's enormously exciting to see this explosion of recognition and enthusiasm for Identiq's paradigm-shifting approach to fraud prevention, identity validation, and privacy.

We are especially delighted to have won the Customer Choice for Best Antifraud Solution, as it's chosen not only by a panel of experts, but is voted on by our customers as well. We are enormously grateful to all of our customers who are part of the CNP community for demonstrating their enthusiasm and passion for Identiq's network, and the providerless paradigm shift it represents in fraud prevention. It's a powerful validation of the vision we share with the innovative companies who are part of our network, and who inspire us with their commitment to identity validation which is better for customers, business and data privacy.

The CNP Awards are particularly significant because CardNotPresent is incredibly well respected in the fraud prevention industry specifically, and their annual awards reflect the companies really making a difference in this field. The "Best Antifraud Solution - Startup" category is for companies on the cutting edge of fraud prevention. The awards identify "who the best e-commerce fraud, risk and payments solution providers are" and Identiq is truly honored to have been chosen this year.

You can read more about Identiq's award on CNP's own website here.

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