Fast Company Names Identiq “Most Innovative Company”

Fast Company’s prestigious annual awards for Most Innovative Companies are now public - and we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been named a "Most Innovative Company", and been chosen as No. 2 in the award’s Security category.

We’re equally delighted that Identiq was also chosen as a “Most Promising Fintech” by a panel of expert judges for the annual list published by Citi, Discount Bank and Visa. 

Of course this news follows hard on the heels of last week’s Series A $47 million funding round, and in a sense the announcements complement each other well; a funding round of that caliber is underpinned by strong innovation, and powerful impact. 

A Timely Solution 

Fast Company chooses which companies to include based partly on innovation and partly on the way they affect the world. As Fast Company puts it, they look for companies which are “making an impact on their industries and culture as a whole.”

“In a year of unprecedented challenges, the companies on this list exhibit fearlessness, ingenuity, and creativity in the face of crisis,” said Fast Company Deputy Editor David Lidsky, who oversaw the issue with Senior Editor Amy Farley.

Innovation and Impact


Within the very same week, when Citi, Visa and Discount Bank held their yearly award ceremony for “Most Promising Fintech”, Identiq was selected by a panel of expert judges as the “The Most Promising Early Stage Company.” 

“My belief is that by working together we bring people together,” said Michael Eisenberg, Partner at the venture capitalist firm Aleph, at the award ceremony. “Through financial innovation, we can work across a broader sense of populations, geographies, and nationalities to be able to do this and bring people together.”

Innovation in 2021

Winning these prestigious awards this year seems particularly appropriate, since Gartner (who already named Identiq a Cool Vendor) picked out Privacy Enhancing Computation as a Top Strategic Tech Trend for 2021. That’s the same technology we use to make the magic happen (ok, the magic is really math, but math can be pretty magical).

As more people are spending more time online, trust and identity validation are more important than they’ve ever been. Companies need a powerful way to identify and trust good users - and users need to be able to trust companies with their precious personal data. 

Within that context, Identiq couldn’t be more relevant - and it seems that a number of industry experts agree.

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