Fraudology Podcast: Karisse Hendrick Discusses the Holy Grail of Fraud Prevention

Karisse Hendick’s most recent Fraudology podcast episode is out - and we’re delighted to announce that the fraud expert interviewed is none other than our own Uri Arad! Karisse and Uri obviously had a great time “geeking out about all things fraud” as Karisse puts it, and their shared passion for the industry, its challenges and its tech comes across with lively energy in this engaging episode.

Karisse and Uri cover everything from how fraud fighting has evolved over the last decade, to  the new menace of refund fraud, to innovations in the industry, to the new importance of privacy following consumer concern over this issue. They discuss why it’s so crucial to work with both a data-based approach (machine learning, statistics) and a stories-based approach (human experts digging into individual cases) in tandem, to get the full picture of how, where and when fraudsters are attacking your business. They talk about how people get into fraud fighting - and why they stay. It’s a wide-ranging, fascinating, high energy conversation, and it’s easy to see how much they both enjoyed it. 

You can also tell, from listening to the podcast, that this is the latest of many similar conversations the two fraud experts have had over the last two years. During the episode, they reminisce about how they first met two years ago, just before Karisse received the Legend of E-Commerce Fraud award at FraudCon in 2019. Karisse remembers all the questions she had for Uri about Identiq at that first meeting, and her reaction. 

When it all started. From the left: Shoshana Maraney, Shmuli Goldberg, Karisse Hendrick, Uri Arad

As she puts it, she said "If you've really created what you say you have, you've basically created the 'Holy Grail' of fraud prevention" - a phrase she references in the title to the episode. She notes with excitement that, “After two years, the network is now live and has been proven to be one of a kind several times over” making this an especially good time for the podcast interview.

Karisse is affectionately known by many in the e-commerce fraud prevention industry as “the queen of collaboration” and her strong vision for the huge and positive impact that working together can have on fraud fighters’ careers and ability to combat the fraudsters - who, as she points out, are already great at working with each other - is inspiring. It’s hardly a surprise that she gets on so well with Uri, founder of a company whose network enables companies to collaborate directly in ways that they’d been wanting for years, but which were previously impossible.

The podcast can be found on the Fraudology site, on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Audible and Listen Notes - so you can enjoy it wherever you usually listen to the podcasts which brighten up your week and give you something new to think about. 

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