Identiq Highlights from 2021: The Year No One Knew What to Expect

No one knew what might be around the corner in 2021. At Identiq, we feel very fortunate that the twists and turns in the wider world weren’t reflected in our experiences. Instead, we’ve seen the company - and our network - grow from strength to strength. We’re enormously grateful to our network members, whose vision and energy drove this incredible progress. 

Industry Passion for Collaboration

One of the striking characteristics of 2021 has been the swelling passion for collaboration we’ve witnessed within the fraud prevention industry. The more fraud teams realize they can work together, the more they want to. 

We’ve seen that expressed in a number of ways, from our member summits to lively roundtable discussions, to our CNP Customer Choice Award. 

Identiq Member Summits

Identiq's Member Summits are a fantastic example of how eager the fraud prevention community is to work together. Identiq's third Member Summit was in March, and the fourth Member Summit took place in November.

The group of enthusiastic participants has grown enormously with every Summit, and by the fourth Summit, more than 75 companies attended, connecting in from 20 countries and across 12 time zones

The atmosphere in the virtual rooms was really something special, and it was clear from the comments of many members how excited they are about the new level of collaboration made possible by Identiq’s network. 

Fraud and Identity Roundtables

Our Fraud and Identity Forum roundtables in 2021 brought together fraud fighting professionals from a wide range of companies to explore a variety of hot topics: promo abuse, the fascinating relationship between fraud prevention and trust and safety, click-and-collect, ATO, payments and collusion. They've been hugely popular, and we look forward to continuing the series in 2022.

Participants share ideas and experiences, vent a little about their most pressing challenges, and help each other find new ways to move forward. If you'd like to join your peers at our roundtables in the new year, sign up here so we can keep you informed. Feel free to invite others from your team or other relevant departments in your company.

If you'd like to give feedback on topics for next year, we'd love your input! Just fill in this form

CNP Award: Customers Choose Identiq for "Best Antifraud Solution"

Identiq was especially honored to receive the Customer Choice for Best Antifraud Solution - Startup in the CNP Awards. It was a particularly special award for us because this accolade is chosen not only by a panel of experts, but is voted on by our customers as well. It’s fantastic to see our members voting for collaboration in this decisive manner. 

We are enormously grateful to all of our customers who are part of the CNP community for demonstrating their enthusiasm and passion for Identiq's network, and the providerless paradigm shift it represents in fraud prevention. It's a powerful validation of the vision we share with the innovative companies who are part of our network, and who inspire us with their commitment to identity validation which is better for customers, business and data privacy.

The "Best Antifraud Solution - Startup" category is for companies on the cutting edge of fraud prevention. The awards identify "who the best e-commerce fraud, risk and payments solution providers are" and Identiq is truly honored to have been chosen this year.

Identiq's founders: From left, Ido Shilon, Itay Levy, Uri Arad

Series A Funding Round

Our $47 million Series A funding round is an amazing demonstration of vision and commitment from our investors, and a reflection of the support, vision and enthusiasm of our network members. The round is a true expression of validation for the approach Identiq's network embodies: the power of collaboration in fighting fraud, and making online customer experience the best that it can be.

If you'd like to read more about the round, the articles in TechCrunch and VentureBeat and the blog post from Insight Partners each add their unique perspective on why it's so significant. 

A Multi-Award Winning Year for Identiq

It didn’t stop with the CNP Awards. In 2021 Identiq saw awards and industry recognition flowing in from all directions. We're greatly honored and humbled to have such glowing validation.

In March, Identiq was chosen as one of the world's Most Innovative Companies in the prestigious Fast Company awards, which are given to companies that are “making an impact on their industries and culture as a whole.” In the same month, Identiq was also named a Most Promising Fintech by Citi and Visa in their annual awards. 

In the second half of the year, we were excited to win the About-Fraud Fraud Fighter 2.0 competition, be named Tech Innovator in Israel by KPMG and receive Gold in the 8th Annual International Best in Business Awards.

Sharing Expertise

At a time when fraud fighters couldn't get together in person, our Fighting Fraud on the Front Lines blog series let experts like Shawn Colpitts from Just Eat, Ofer Golan from Wix, and Krista Williams share their experiences and ideas.

In addition CEO Itay Levy contributed six articles to Forbes and one to the MFJ's Fraud Trends Report, while co-founder and VP Product Uri Arad had a fantastic time geeking out about fraud on Karisse Hendrick's well-known podcast Fraudology, and has written for the MRC blog, CardNotPresent, About-Fraud and Payment Expert and presented a webinar for Practical Ecommerce

2022: The Privacy Year

Regulatory discussions about privacy in diverse geographies, privacy-focused upgrades from companies like Apple and Google, and articles in highly respected publications on diverse aspects of privacy all point in the same direction. 

It looks like the upwelling of consumer concern about data privacy that was so clear in the second half of 2020, and which hibernated for a while as public attention focused on other issues, is back - and stronger than ever. 

Consumers want to know what’s being done with their data, how it’s being shared… and what the future will look like. Identiq’s vision for providerless collaboration, enabling companies to guard consumer data like gold while collaborating without sharing any personal user data at all, has never been more relevant. 

We’re excited about the year ahead, and we hope you’ll join us in setting a new standard for user privacy, at the same time as using collaboration to fight fraud and create frictionless customer experiences in a new and far more effective way.

Here’s to 2022! 

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