Identiq is SOC2 Type II Certified - and Constantly Committed to More Than Compliance

Keeping data safe couldn’t be more important to Identiq. It’s literally the entire premise on which the company, the protocol and the product is built: We’re an anonymous identity validation network - not well-meaningly “anonymized” but really and fully anonymous. Our aim is to introduce a new standard of user privacy to our industry and beyond, so that companies can collaborate directly to pool trust in users without ever sharing their personal information. Ever. Even with Identiq. 

Given the fundamental importance of data privacy and security to us as a company, it won’t come as a surprise that Identiq is now fully SOC2 Type II compliant. We’re proud to be announcing this as yet more tangible proof of how seriously we take privacy, adding to the ISO 27001 certification we gained last year.

SOC2 is a rigorous process designed to assess and confirm a company’s security, availability, and processing integrity when it comes to the systems they use to process user data. The independent audit process was valuable, and we are very pleased by the validation of how naturally our existing systems enable compliance - when you don’t store or share personal user data, compliance is an obvious fit. 

Important as it is, SOC2 is only a small part of our commitment to data protection. From the very beginnings of the company, we have gone above and beyond when it comes to data privacy, and we continue to keep right on doing that. It’s simply who we are.

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