MRC Vegas 2022: Where All the Fraud Prevention Action Happens

It’s finally happening - after all the disruptions of the last couple of years, MRC Vegas is back to its full-blooded fantastic self. In 2022 MRC Vegas is running March 7-10, and we couldn't be more excited. 

What’s so special about MRC Vegas?

In MRC’s own words,”MRC Vegas is the leading conference for payments and fraud prevention industry professionals to meet, broaden their networks, share ideas with industry peers, collaborate, and learn together.”

This isn’t just marketing hype: MRC Vegas is one of the highlights of the fraud prevention calendar. Fraud fighters share experiences, swap horror stories, and compare the latest attack trends. They vent, argue and laugh about the job they’re passionate about, with people who really get it. 

If you want to know what’s going on in the industry, and how the fraud world is evolving, you go to MRC Vegas. This year - as evidenced by the excellent agenda - is better than ever, with fraud fighters eager to talk through all the changes that have happened in e-commerce recently. 

Meet Up with Identiq

If it’s not obvious already, we will absolutely be at MRC Vegas. A network of fraud fighters? Sharing ideas with peers? Collaboration? It’s like our dream event. There’s no better way to move forward than together - and MRC Vegas helps empower both collaboration, and the right direction for it. Want to meet? Email to make sure you grab a slot. 

Come find us at Booth 320 - we’ll be holding a raffle for 10 free, signed copies of the new O’Reilly book, Practical Fraud Prevention, which is due to be published in April. Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on one of those copies!  

And if you’d like to meet one of the co-authors of the book, Shoshana Maraney will be at the booth most of the time - so come say hi, and chat about it.

Extra Fraud Fun

There are a couple more don’t-miss events during the week as well! Make sure you mark your schedule to include the panel on What We Learned From Writing a Fraud Book, on Tuesday 8th March, at 3:15pm. Shoshana Maraney will be on a panel with MRC’s CEO Julie Fergerson and Tal Yeshanov, Head of Strategic Risk & Financial Operations at Plastiq, to discuss the surprising themes that came up during interviews for the book. 

On Wednesday 9th March, at 6pm, we’ll be holding a meet-up. Drinks, relaxed conversation and great company. After holding so many virtual roundtable discussions over the last couple of years, we’re thrilled to finally meet up face to face! Let us know if you’d like to join. 

MRC Vegas 2022. March 7-10. Be there. We will be.

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