Securing a Marketplace for Your Buyers and Sellers | Marketplace Risk and Identiq Webinar

Ensuring your buyers and sellers are good from the start is the responsibility of every marketplace operator. It allows for secure transactions and a smooth customer experience, both of which are crucial for the success of any given marketplace. In a live webinar hosted by Marketplace Risk, Uri Arad, VP Product and Co-Founder, and Daneil Shkedi, Head of Product Marketing discussed this topic at length. To watch the full webinar, click here

Learnings from Paypal

With ample experience acquired from his years at Paypal, Arad recognizes the role of marketplace operators of building trust between buyers and sellers on their platform. He emphasized the need to have the right users on the platform, and how identity validation shouldn’t end at signup. 

Common Types of Fraud 

Daniel Shkedi, head of product marketing, identified common types of fraud and abuse that marketplaces face on a day-to-day basis. He then explained to us how most current defenses against such abuse will only take place at signup and login when really it should be happening at multiple touchpoints in the customer journey as fraud can occur anywhere along the way. 

Verifying Every Step of the Journey

The importance of verifying not just the user, but the information that they provide to the marketplace, was brought up by both parties. Arad re-enters the conversation by posing a question to the audience; how do we achieve all this while giving the trusted users the frictionless customer experience that they deserve?

Watch the full webinar here

Collaborate With Your Peers

The webinar highlighted the importance of finding a balance between fraud fighting efforts and ensuring a seamless experience for good users. Being that Identiq’s key value is collaboration, this was the optimal solution for this balancing act. Joining forces with those that have similar pain points has proven successful time and time again. Technologies, such as the ones that Identiq provides to its private network users, allows for organizations to leverage each other’s data on new, unrecognized users in order to vet them and deem them trustworthy. 

To Summarize 

The highly anticipated webinar is now available to stream online. Whether you’re a marketplace manager, a buyer, or a seller, we highly recommend tuning in to gain valuable knowledge on how to validate your users in a way that keeps your marketplace enjoyable to everyone. 

Watch the full webinar here

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