The Third Identiq Member Summit: 101 People, 43 Global Companies, 16 Countries, 5 Continents

The Third Identiq Member Summit took place in March, attended by 101 people from 43 global companies. The atmosphere in the virtual room was something special, with participants sharing their excitement about Identiq’s latest news.

More than that, though, the enthusiasm during the summit came from seeing how Identiq’s network and product has expanded, and from the number and caliber of the companies in the room. Identiq’s summits have grown significantly, with the first summit attracting 17 companies, and the second summit in October 2020 seeing 25 companies. 

One of the highlights of the third summit was the sessions given by some of the participants, explaining which aspects of the network they found so exciting. 

Rod Schultz, Head of Product Security and Privacy at Zoom

Rod Schultz, Head of Product Security and Privacy at Zoom, was one of the guest speakers addressing the room. He said, “Frictionless onboarding is key - it's helped us grow in so many ways. At the same time, we're deeply committed to user privacy. To find the best of both worlds, trust becomes a crucial part of the equation.” 

Trust was a theme picked up on by a number of other participants, as many companies are shifting from a narrow perspective on digital identity and fraud prevention to a wider vision encompassing diverse elements relating to online trust.

Kevin Rose, seasoned entrepreneur and venture capitalist

Kevin Rose, seasoned entrepreneur and venture capitalist, delivered an opening keynote, in which he discussed Identiq's radical approach to privacy. He said, "One of the biggest pushes that entrepreneurs are getting right now, when they’re trying to start new things, is how they can protect privacy. Data breaches are just the way things are now. Identiq is a privacy-first solution - and that just has to be the way things are built now. And using that to work together - it makes everyone even stronger.”

Many also expressed the importance of collaboration between companies - and especially between fraud fighting professionals - in order to both prevent fraud and ensure customers get the ideal frictionless experience they expect. 

Nikki Baumann, Fraud Principal at Farfetch

Nikki Baumann, Fraud Principal at Farfetch, applauded the event, commenting, “The summit was amazing, it’s great that the Identiq team makes it possible for companies to come together like this.”
The summit took place at an exciting time for Identiq, with a $47 million Series A funding round announced the week beforehand, and Identiq being named both “Most Promising Fintech” by Visa and Citi, and Most Innovative Company by Fast Company, just days before the event.

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