Creating Safer Spaces for Meaningful Connections

In this guest blog, we invited Linsey Morrison to share the importance of risk and fraud efforts on platforms commonly used by one of the most vulnerable audiences– teens. Linsey’s 20-year career in tech across legal, policy, content moderation, fraud ops, and impact supports her current work advising startups & non-profits on successfully merging technology, social connection, and youth mental health.

How to Drive Revenue Through Collaboration

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, fraud prevention and marketing are two essential pillars that significantly impact an organization’s overarching goal of growth and increased revenue. The collaboration between these teams plays a pivotal role in driving success by attracting legitimate customers, validating their identities, and safeguarding the brand’s reputation.

A Year of Collaboration: 2023 Recap

As 2023 ends, I am filled with gratitude for Identiq’s accomplishments. This year was marked by our dedication to growth and creating a positive global impact. Identiq empowered enterprises worldwide to work together and validate trusted customers, helping to protect their platforms and deliver safe experiences. The standard for privacy has been set by ensuring user data is never shared, raising the bar for the entire online ecosystem.